smartSignalTest (S60 3rd) 2.0

Get alerted when you have no signal


  • Instantaneous alert
  • Vibration or sonic alarm


  • Limited alarm tones


I love to go out adventuring in the countryside but one thing I don't love is that it invariably leaves me without any coverage on my mobile phone, which is highly annoying if I'm expecting an important call.

Often it wouldn't be so bad if you knew you had no signal, as if the call you were expecting was really important you could quickly hot-foot it to an area where you have network coverage.

Of course, you could look at your phone's signal status every two minutes, but this is pretty impractical.

Another solution is to install smartSignalTest on your cellphone.

The application warns you when you are out of signal, not through bars on your screen, but by a beep or a vibration alert, allowing you to rectify the situation immediately if you need to.

As the developer of this software suggests, this is extremely useful if you are a field worker and need to stay in contact with your employer, as it provides an instant warning that you cannot be reached from your current location.

smartSignalTest has been developed for companies with employed field staff. If employers should be able to be contacted on their mobile phone, but the device is provisional not ready-to-receive, smartSignalTest displays an announcement on the phone and plays an alarm signal.



smartSignalTest (S60 3rd) 2.0

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    This is Shareware.
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    Not FREE! Only TRIAL (30 days).   More